The privacy policy and conditions of use of, a Ukrainian News Agency website.

Ukrainian News Agency publishes this privacy policy and use conditions for the sake of good order and for the avoidance of conflicts with visitors.

1. Visitors must not have influence on or tamper with the website or obtain access to information published on the website otherwise than via the standard interface.

2. When using this website, visitors must abide by the norms of the existing Ukrainian laws and use conditions. If administrators of the website find visitors infringing its use conditions or breaking laws, they can suspend or discontinue such visitors’ access to the website.

3. When creating own content on, users are prohibited from putting in doubt Ukraine’s territorial integrity in any fashion, call for violent change of the state structure, propagandize violence, gender or ethnic intolerance, and also intolerance and discrimination based on sexual identity. It is also forbidden to use foul language in comments. Non-observance of these terms entails disconnection of users’ ability to comment or closing access to the entire website.

4. Collection and usage of personal data:

4.1 Personal data are details or totality of information about identified or identifiable individual.

4.2 Users can be offered to enter their personal data on, specifically first and last name, email, phone number, date of birth, sex, and also get registered on the site with social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte or Google+. Ukrainian News Agency can ask website visitors provide other data.

4.3 By registering at, visitors consent processing of their personal data and data registration by Ukrainian News Agency administration. When users have decided to provide their personal data, they thereby consent to transfer and storage of these data.

4.4 Ukrainian News Agency reserves its right to collect statistics of website visits or connections passing through the website. This information can contain details of internet connection, traffic, date and time of duration of users’ web browsing.

4.5 Visitors’ personal data is used to ease visitors’ usage of the website, take into account their interests and preferences when conducting editorial policy, and also to analyze users’ behavior, specifically in the advertisement relations with the counterparts. Personal data is used in keeping with the Laws of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data, On Information, On Advertising, On Telecommunications, On Entrepreneurial Business, On Protection of Information in Information-Telecommunication Systems, Regulatory Documentation Technical Information Protection 2.5-010-03 “Requirements to protection of web page information from unauthorized access”, as well as Ukrainian News Agency LLC’s Articles of Association and by-laws.

4.6 Ukrainian News Agency reserves its right to store personal data indefinitely.

4.7 The server on a provisional basis registers domain name or IP address of the user’s computer and also the date of access, files (file name and URL), HTTP reply code and the website which redirected the user to, and the quantity of bytes transferred during the session.

4.8 uses cookies. They enable identification of the visitor’s browser. These files can store user adjustments and other data. Visitors can adjust the browser so to refuse all cookies or notify about sending them. Cookie files are used to make safe, protected and convenient. Cookies ensure support of safety functions and their launch. Cookies also allow tracing breaches of privacy policy and conditions by users. Cookies help assess quality and frequency of requests, and also reveal and block those visitors or devices who are trying to execute package downloads of information from the website.

4.9 With the help of Google Analytics, Ukrainian News Agency gathers statistics of the website visits, such as information about the pages visited, the number of page views, downloaded information, ISP domains and visitors’ countries of origin, as well as the way of visiting the website etc. None of these actions is related to the visitor personally and is measured only in a bundle.

4.10 Ukrainian News Agency takes appropriate safety measures for gathering, storing and processing data for the protection of your personal information (user name, password, transaction details and data stored on our website) from unwarranted access, change, disclosure or loss.

4.11 Ukrainian News Agency does not sell, lease or exchange personal user information. The Agency can provide general aggregated demographic data, not related to personal information, to our partners and advertisers for the above-mentioned purposes. The Agency can employ third-party service suppliers for assistance in business or website management or operating management on behalf of the Agency, for instance for mailouts, statistic or other studies. The Agency can share this information with such third parties for limited purposes.

5. can have links to other websites that are not managed by Ukrainian News Agency.

6. Ukrainian News Agency has the right to provide any personal information about visitors upon law-enforcement agencies’ demand, upon court order/resolution or within other regular proceedings, or upon other demand in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation.

7. Ukrainian News Agency declines all responsibility for lost benefit or missed profit, short-received revenue, loss of data or other visitors’ losses that occur during usage of the website.

8. Ukrainian News Agency does not represent or warrant that usage of the material published on will not harm third parties’ interests.

9. Ukrainian News Agency endeavors to procure that all information on be maximum trustworthy. But the Agency casts off responsibility and does not guarantee that the provided information and data are accurate, objective and up-to-date at the moment of viewing.

10. Authors’ publications and columns published on represent their own points of view. Ukrainian News Agency declines all responsibility for accuracy, objectivity and actuality of the information published on referring to other sources.

11. All rights to and its content are owned by Ukrainian News Agency LLC or are used by the Agency as agreed by copyright holders. This website altogether or its separate elements are protected by the Law of Ukraine on Copyright and Related Rights, international legal acts and other acts of existing Ukrainian laws.

12. Website visitors must not spread, change, convey, anyhow use any information for any public or commercial purposes without written permission from Ukrainian News Agency. Visitors must respect all copyrights and other notes of title to downloaded and/or copied material. The information used must contain an active hyperlink to

13. Information from can be copied for non-commercial purposes for placement on user pages, blogs and social networks.

14. Visitors bear the responsibility for all risks arising during the usage of Within the limits maximum permitted by law, Ukrainian News Agency or any other party engaged in the creation, production or servicing declines all responsibility for direct, implicit or incidental damages ever caused or entailed by user’s having access to, using it or relied upon it even if Ukrainian News Agency warned the visitor about the possibility of such losses and damages.

15. When using, visitors are not granted right of intellectual property to the website or its content or using any branding elements or logotypes.

16. Ukrainian News reserves its right to reconsider this privacy policy and use conditions at any moment.

17. If you have visited this website, you automatically agree with this privacy policy and use conditions. If you don’t agree with this privacy policy and use conditions, you must leave this website.

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