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Russians Again Shoot Missile At Malyn, Zhytomyr Region – Media

Russians Again Shoot Missile At Malyn, Zhytomyr Region – Media

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Russian occupation forces have again fired a missile at the village of Malyn in Zhytomyr region. Locals heard several explosions during the previously announced alarm.

This was reported by Public Zhytomyr publication.

Later, the publication wrote that Malyn Town Mayor Oleksandr Sitailo confirmed to reporters that several explosions had indeed taken place in the town.

He did not comment on how many Russian missiles fell in the town and what targets they hit.

As earlier reported, on Friday, May 20, the enemy also carried out a missile strike on Malyn. As a result of the shelling, the infrastructure and about a hundred houses were damaged.

Earlier, we wrote that on May 20, the occupiers fired at Lozova in the Kharkiv region. At least 7 people were injured.

And in the Vinnytsia region, air defense units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian missile that was flying near Nemyriv.


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