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Ukrainian News Agency offers its clients a wide choice of news feed and other information products, hosting press conferences and events at our up-to-date press center, and also placing advertisements on our open news portal 

  1. Information Products

The Agency releases products that can supply the wants of any consumer category in terms of scope, content, promptness, delivery methods and period of release.

Ukrainian News issues news in five streams: politics, economy, finance, regions, and agriculture.

You can read Agency news online, on the website in five streams or get them via email or RSS.

The Agency also releases offline news issues in the daily or weekly format including sectoral products.

In addition, Ukrainian News produces monthly analytic reviews: banking review, macroeconomic review, metal review, and also political review (the last one twice a month).

You can order a free two-week trial of any of the Agency’s products.

For all inquiries about subscription to the Agency products, please contact the Marketing and Sales Department:

tel.+38 (050) 447 83 47

email: [email protected]


  1. Press Centre

We created a convenient ALL INCLUSIVE system for our clients:

- a 95sq.m. room for 70 seats;

- a presidium table for 5 seats;

- a round table for 30 seats;

- 10 fixed and 8 radio microphones;

- a lighting and loudspeaker system for professional telephotography and audio recording;

- a press box for 24 audio record out ports (in the press centre’s equipment room);

- an LG 79UB980V plasma display for showing video in any format;

- internet access (Wi-Fi);

- an option of quick and convenient cutting of promotional and informational materials;

- an Agency technical specialist to swiftly help connect and adjust the equipment;

- providing quality drinking water to event participants;

- an option of standing buffets and coffee breaks;

- advertising events (press conferences or roundtables) in an exclusive mailout of Ukrainian News Agency announcements to mass media;

- advertising events (press conferences or roundtables) on the home page of Ukrainian News Agency’s website (over 1.5 million of unique hosts monthly);

- advertising events (press conferences or roundtables) on the Agency news feed (10,000 plus readers);

- advertising events (press conferences or roundtables) on Facebook on the press center's official page;

- 100% presence of a Ukrainian News Agency journalist at the event;

- placing a news story following the event on the newswire and on;

- making signs with participants’ names;

- accreditation of journalists by telephone;

- additional registration of journalists on the day of the event;

- a brief photo coverage of the press center events in the Announcements section on;

- a detailed report on publications and placements on Ukrainian News Agency resources.

We also offer our clients the following special services:

Webcasting the event. We offer a full technical support for webcasting, provide all required equipment and also attendance by our specialist during the broadcast.

- Streaming video on the home page of (a window in the upper right corner), on Ukrainian News Agency’s YouTube channel and on Facebook.

- Embedding player HTML code for streaming video on your website or other pages;

- Watching video in any browser and operating system, including mobile platforms.

Social media monitoring in follow-up of the event.


Alina Zayika, Chief of the Press Centre

Alina Zayika, Chief of the Press Centre

mobile +380(50) 412 4861

+380(66) 436 9864

email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Address: 1st floor, 20 Esplanadna Street, Kyiv (Palats Sportu subway station)


  1. Advertising on the Portal

A) Publishing PR materials

Materials with the Corporate News category can be placed for publicity purposes.

Placement type Cost per publication

Press release in the Corporate News section UAH 5,000

Press release in the Corporate News section

+ photo coverage (3-4 pictures) UAH 5,200

The prices include VAT (20%)

The information will be placed on the open website

The company, which provides the press release, is responsible for the content of the material in the Corporate News section

PR materials can be published only after approval of the text by the Editor in Chief

The Agency reserves its right to refuse placing information if it is inconsistent with the editorial policy

B) The Agency can place a customer’s banner on Please contact our Advertising and PR Specialist for inquiries about free banner space and pricing

Mariya Skoryna, Advertising and PR Specialist


Mariya Skoryna

Advertising and PR Specialist

mobile +38 (050) 412 82 77 (Only Viber)

email: [email protected]

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