Ukrainian News Agency is a leading Ukraine-based news agency with a two-decade track record. Our website traffic consistently exceeds 1 million unique hosts a month; it brings you important and interesting news about the political and economic life in Ukraine and the rest of the world, reported both by us and other sources.

The Agency ranks first at the market, generating more than 300 own news daily, the top ones available on the Agency website on open access. We also deliver our full news items by subscription on a paid basis.

Among our clients are the leading Ukrainian media, political parties, the largest Ukrainian business entities and consulting companies. Most of our news come in three languages—Ukrainian, Russian and English—what makes us possible to service foreign clients: mass media, embassies and business firms.  

On open access we also publish our own video content, original interviews and releases.  

The underlying principles of news-making the Agency is guided by:

Objectivity. The Agency covers all events from every side and aspires to reflect points of view of all participants.

Reliability. The Agency trusts only well-proven sources and checks and verifies any information it gets.

Impartiality. The Agency reports only facts, without obtruding certain opinions upon its readers, leaving them the right to draw conclusions themselves.

Promptness. The time of news release is strictly ranked in the order of importance, the timeframes for their release are hard and fast.

Professionalism. All Agency employees undergo a course of training. The whole process of news production is neatly formalized, reducing the error probability to a minimum.

The objective of our work is to deliver our clients a complete package of information services with the highest operational efficiency at the Ukrainian market.

Leadership is our value!

Have good news!

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tel. +38 (050) 447-83-47
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