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Dual education system: RGC has chosen a new format for training professionals

Dual education system: RGC has chosen a new format for training professionals


December 8, 2021, Kiev. RGС has launched a dual apprenticeship program for university students. The first project was initiated at JSC "Dnipropetrovskgas" in partnership with Dnipro University of Technology. 

"Dnipropetrovskgas" has signed the agreement with Dnipro University of Technology to join efforts in educating students using innovative technologies, practical training and internships for students, joint research to develop and improve oil and gas technologies.

"We have been working in a new direction, i.e. we choose partners among educational institutions that offer dual courses. The dual apprenticeship is split between 60% of practical training at the enterprise and 40% of theory at the educational institution. This is the way to join efforts and to train young professionals willing to work at the gas companies," said Kostyantyn Yerofteyev, Head HR Department, RGC.

By the end of 2021, the first six students who will be selected by the educational institution will be employed at the engineering design department of JSC "Dnipropetrovsgas" with the payroll accounting in line with the staffing table and work schedule.

"Dual education offers the chances to get to know the realities of the profession while studying. Students taking dual courses in Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology will be able to gain practical skills and competencies at JSC "Dnipropetrovskgas". I believe this is a great advantage for young people that can boost their career," commented Yevhen Koroviaka, Head Department of oil and gas engineering and drilling, Dnipro University of Technology.

RGC has built a system of staff training and development, which operates in each of the DSOs. It also established a network of 15 RGC Educational Spaces intended to improve the qualifications of professionals, acquire new skills, and use new equipment and technologies effectively. Educational Spaces developed more than 30 training programs; 60 RGC internal trainers have been already training the staff within Soft @ Hard skills program.

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