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Lower prices for orthopedic mattresses: Black Friday at VoV.Furniture

Lower prices for orthopedic mattresses: Black Friday at VoV.Furniture


There are only a few days left before the start of "Black Friday" - the day that all shopping lovers are excited about. Thousands of stores and marketplaces on the Internet urge not to miss the chance to purchase discounted goods. Do you want to save money and get a really high-quality product at a very attractive price? Be sure to visit the online store Vov.Furniture, where the "black" sale of mattresses and toppers continues until the end of November. Healthy sleep is priceless. And this is very lacking for most people on the planet. Go to the store and buy a high-quality orthopedic mattress with a discount of up to 50% and free delivery. You will realize that proper rest, prevention of spinal diseases, and calm nerves are not so expensive.

How to choose a good orthopedic mattress?

A competent approach to choosing a mattress is a guarantee that the product will fulfill its main purpose - to reduce the load on the spine and joints, evenly distributing weight and maintaining the body in an optimal position. Before buying an orthopedic mattress, it is necessary to take into account: the weight of a person, problems with the musculoskeletal system, allergies to certain materials, seasonality of use.

In the catalog "Vov.Furniture" you will find more than 50 models of orthopedic mattresses for your bed and sofa. Among the most popular items are:

* Springless. A broad segment of mattresses with dozens of models. The main filler in them is polyurethane foam, which has the property of supporting the back in the right position to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep. Manufacturers add latex or innovative foam with a "memory effect", in addition to polyurethane foam, to give the product additional properties such as elasticity, firmness, hypoallergenic. On the contrary, rigidity is achieved by adding coconut fibers.

* With springs. There is a dependent and independent spring block. The mattress of the first type will better support the human body during sleep. The second one distributes the load point-wise (which is especially important in the case when two people are sleeping on the mattress with a significant difference in weight). Also, they are filled with polyurethane foam, latex, felt, wool.

A thin mattress will refresh your sofa

It is worth noting that modern orthopedic mattresses are wear-resistant, the product will not sag over time. Thanks to hygienic fillers, there is no chance for mites and bacteria to spread inside. Mattress covers are made of durable fabric, which is easy to care for.

For those who sleep mostly on the sofa, there is a great offer: buy a thin mattress with a discount of up to 50% in the store Vov.Furniture and double the quality of your sleep! Orthopedic properties of the topper are achieved by smoothing out irregularities on the sofa.

Hurry up, the offer is valid until November 30, 2021.

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