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How entrepreneurs can get financing

How entrepreneurs can get financing


The rapid development of Ukrainian small and micro businesses is hampered by 3 key problems: limited access to finance, lack of knowledge and information, inability to apply technology and innovation.

The problem of funding for starting and developing a business seems to be the easiest. However, it still remains unresolved.

Banks are reluctant to lend to micro and small businesses. Despite all the rhetoric about SME financing, their clients are mostly medium and large businesses with a check for $0.5-3 million. The SME assistance declared by the state is also ineffective in practice. What choice do entrepreneurs have? Take personal savings, ask for help from relatives, take money from MFIs? These options are unattractive and have many disadvantages, however, there is a chance to get financing from other entrepreneurs.

Safra Finance specializes in providing financing exclusively to micro and small businesses. Entrepreneurs will have access to loans ranging from UAH 50,000 to UAH 5 million, on transparent terms with a market interest rate. Each request will be considered separately, with individual scoring, the offer on the rate and schedule of payments will be unique for each application. Funding is available for legal entities, individuals, and sole proprietors.

The company offers business lending services on flexible and affordable terms. Investments, targeted loans, secured loans, smart money, overdrafts, assistance in import and export operations, factoring, and even capital investment with the subsequent sale of shares or joint business management. Read more information on the website: 

Money from entrepreneurs — for other entrepreneurs for business needs.

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