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Businessman Chernysh: How Can Ukraine Apply International Education Expertice

Businessman Chernysh: How Can Ukraine Apply International Education Expertice


A young Ukrainian businessman, Oleksandr Chernysh, founded several startups, which he united into HoldGroup24 ( Before he had graduated in the UK, Oleksandr began his business activity. We decided to find out from him what prospects in business activity will be after receiving a diploma at a European university.

In our era of rapid change, it is considered that higher education as there is no future.  The knowledge that you get at the university at the time of going to work become obsolete.How relevant knowledge did you give in a British university?

There is a conflict of interest between universities and business. The enormous amount of knowledge that the university provides for most companies has no value. Because business is enough for the candidate to know how to work in 10 programs. This does not apply to areas in which a medicine or engineering is very important. The theory is tested and consolidated in practice during the training.

After business education, the road lies on office work, in which nothing muсh interestingas for me. University knowledge here is not applicable in principle. Or a person takes a loan and starts his own business. Therefore, I would not speak about obsolescence, but about their not being in demand by companies.

What are the prospects appearing with a diploma of education abroad?

I study at the Faculty of International Business Management, but if I had not shown an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood and had not started my path in Ukraine, then this diploma would not affect my future in any way. I know for sure that many of those who choose this direction have not yet decided what they want in life.

Young people are now seeking to go abroad for study, not so much for knowledge, as for status. We have good universities and there are intelligent teachers, the corruption of the educational system is very much interfering. A diploma of our university, even the best, will not turn on the green light for a dream job abroad. But the presence of a foreign diploma in Ukraine will open the doors of the cherished company. After receiving this education, the units are arranged there for good positions, while the majority returns in Ukraine for a good job they have more chances.

What knowledge did you use in Ukraine after graduating from a British university?

I consciously chose the faculty of international business. I started working early and knew what l am working toward. The deep knowledge about Excel now helps me a lot when writing reports. Knowledge of the economy will be needed later. A lot of knowledge is given about large corporations, but most students will never need them. I doubt you can teach entrepreneurship.

At the university, chemists, physicists, engineers, architects work in laboratories, do projects, and in business education don’t have it. Often, professors of theorists, in reality, they will not tell you what and how should be done in a particular business. Therefore, I respect those post-Soviet businessmen who managed, without possessing knowledge, to open their own businesses and build a promising future.

Any education abroad expands the worldview. A person learns to communicate with people of different nationalities and it builds characterthat will not appear after studying in a domestic university.

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