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Welcome spring with VAPEXPO Kiev 2017! Top vape party returns

Welcome spring with VAPEXPO Kiev 2017! Top vape party returns


On March 4-5, 2017, the IEC will host the third VAPEXPO Kiev 2017, the event dedicated to the vaping world. It will be held in participants’ favorite formats: exhibition, b2b conference and show.      

This year’s exhibition will be even more large-scale. VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 exhibitors will include leading domestic and foreign manufacturers from Malaysia, Italy, Spain, the USA, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, China, Belarus and Turkey. All of them are preparing amazing stands that will really surprise you. 

The exhibition will allow you to:

  • test the latest and unique device models;
  • taste e-juices that haven’t hit the market yet;
  • buy useful accessories for upgrading your gadgets.

And those who are aiming to improve their businesses should attend the industry b2b conference, involving world experts in the vape industry, on March 4.

Amazing VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 show program will give attendees lots of positive emotions! You will be able to enjoy the following activities:  

  • Cloud Contest and Vape tricks Show;
  • Workshops on DIY e-juices and coil building;
  • Dance Show and DJ sets;
  • Vape quests and contests;
  • Giveaways, and many other things.

Besides, the event will include the first ever awarding ceremony of vape industry manufacturers – Vape Awards! Exhibition participants will determine the best one in four categories:  

  • The most stylish stand.
  • The best e-liquid line.
  • The best Ukrainian e-liquid manufacturer.
  • The best foreign e-liquid manufacturer.

The organizer of VAPEXPO Kiev 2017, Smile-Expo, has been successfully holding such events for 11 years and knows what guests require.     

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